Clayton Greenway Bridge Replacements

Project Overview

The Town of Clayton is Scheduled to undertake the replacement of three bridges located along the Clayton Riverwalk on the Neuse Greenway, situated near Riverwood.

This project commenced in January 2023 with a completion date of June 9, 2023.

To facilitate the project's execution, Crowder Construction Company, the contracted entity, has initiated preliminary activities in the vicinity. As a result, visitors to this segment of the greenway may have observed additional signage and erosion control measures in place.

In a proactive effort to minimize any inconvenience to the community, our dedicated Town staff collaborated with the neighboring Riverwood Athletic Club HOA to establish a detour route during the replacement process. It's worth noting that a portion of the detour necessitated travel along a low-traffic neighborhood road.

The decision to replace all three bridges was driven by the fact that they have reached the end of their operational life, and their replacement was imperative to ensure the continued safety and integrity of the greenway.

Old Bridge Demolition and New Bridge Construction

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