Harmony Playground

Harmony Playground is an inclusive playground, which allows children of all abilities and their guardians to play together. Estimates show that about 4,000 children with disabilities live within 20 miles of Harmony Playground and could benefit from the playground, which is located at East Clayton Community Park, 1774 Glen Laurel Road, just off of Highway 42 East.

Children play at the parkThe playground incorporates physical activities to build strength, social interaction, and communication to make friends; cognitive elements to help develop personalities; and sensory elements to delight children through sight, sound, and touch. The playground is fully compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act and incorporates special ramps, which make it easy for adults and children who have difficulty moving around on ground covered with uneven grass, sand, straw, or mulch.

Children play at the parkThe playground is located at East Clayton Community Park, a 60-acre park, on Glen Laurel Road. The park already featured many firsts for Clayton, including a regulation-size baseball field, regulation-size soccer field, and the Town's first multi-purpose playing field. The Universal Playground sits under a canopy of trees adjacent to convenient parking, an attractive stone pavilion with restrooms, and a beautiful 1-mile walking trail.

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